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The Digital Comic Museum is a built on four pillars. The physical comics and those that buy and share them, the scanners/editors of those comics working many hours to share their scans, the staff working hard behind the scenes and the financial donors who give their money to keep our servers running. Those financial donors don't get nearly the recognition that the other groups do but are easily as vital to keeping DCM a healthy site! As a thank-you to donors we are offering a months access to our FTP Servers for every donation.

Feature List

Just some of the benefits you will get from donating to the Digital Comic Museum.

$1 = 5GB

For every $1 you donate to Digital Comic Museum you will be given 5GB of bandwidth to use on the FTP Server. Quota can be extended at a later date if you managed to use up your download quota.

Over 21,000 Comic Books

The FTP Server contains over 21,000 comic books for you to download. Every comic book is in the public domain and from the golden age of comics. All comic books are in CBR and CBZ format for easy viewing.

Queue Files to Download

Queue up your files and then let them download while your fast asleep. No need to manually download any comic book from our website ever again.

Comic Books List

Full list of all the amazing comic books contained on the FTP Server.

Daredevil Comics

One of the most consistently under-rated comic books of the Golden Age.

Billy the Kid

King of the Old West!!

Space Detective

Adventures in Outer Space with the Space Detective.

Whiz Comics

Adventures of various superhero characters.


For a full list of all the comics books contained on the FTP please see the following link.
Comic Book List on Digital Comic Museum.


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